Wing's family. Dad: Jack (The Nightmare Before Christmas) Mom: Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas) Adopted sisters: Rukia (Bleach) and Dawn (Pokemon) Adopted brothers: Fox McCloud (StarFox) and Silver (Sonic the hedgehog) Sister figures: Yuri (Mermaid Melody) Kilala (Kilala Princess) Misha (Pita Ten) and Coraline (Coraline) Brother figures: Tigger (Winnie the pooh) and Felix (Felix the cat) Aunts: SG (Skullgal94. Jack's adopted sister), Serena aka Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon. Also SG's adopted sister) Amu and Rima (Shugo Chara. Also SG's adopted sisters) Uncles: Knuckles (Sonic the hedgehog. Also SG's brother) Aunt figures: Johanna (Pokemon. Also Dawn's mom) Uncle figures: Byakuya (Bleach. Also Rukia's brother from the Soul Society) Daughter figures: Ai, Ren and Kio (Kio Cupid), Niece Figure: Marin (Brigadoon: Marin & Melan. Also SG's daughter figure) Grandpa figure: Doctor Finklestein (The Nightmare Before Christmas) Pets: Clover (Happy Happy Clover) and Breezie (Romance-bunny's ocs and is also Wing's Precure mascout)